Thursday, November 18, 2010


saying hello once again after being away fer so long
so yeah im juz rotting at home n its oni the beginning of the holidays
wonder wats gonna happen to me by the end of it
will i even still be around?
makes me wonder
wat a mystery...yea rite...pfft! as if
gahhh..!! ignore my monologueing
anyways, all im trying to say is...
as if dats nt obvious enuf oredi
ya kno...i used to hv frenz whom i can trust
frenz i can share my deepest n darkest secret wif
frenz i can share all my joy n happiness wif
frenz dat i can juz hang out wif without actually doin anything bt it'll still be a special moment to us
frenz who accept me fer who i am tho they kno every single thing bout me no matter how nasty those things may be
frenz who can juz sit wif me in silence for hours n nt feel the boredom cuz we hv each otr's company n dats all we ever need
bt nw...all i hv is YOU
u may nt b able to b here fer me all the time
bt im satisfied juz knowing dat u tried yer best to do so
u may nt oways be successful in yer efforts to cheer me up
bt ur efforts itself oredi means a lot to me
u may nt oways understand wat im goin thru cuz u aint me
bt it pleases me to kno dat u've tried walking a mile in my shoes
n all i wanna say rite nw in case u dont oredi kno is

wat the...?!
okay i kno im being lame here
bt wtv the boredom im experiencing is driving me nuts i guess
ignore me

Sunday, June 20, 2010


i juz wanna wish my beloved DADDY LIM ENG LIAN
a very

I <3 U DAD

dis is like the 1st time in many years im nt celebrating it wif u cuz ur bz working or should i say watching FIFA world cup in kayy elle LOL
i love u lots anyways so im wishing u here juz to show me love to u tho i kno u wont b seeing dis cuz u dont even kno dat i blog xD



last day of holidays *sigh*

well well well
looks like holidays r finally coming to an end
*HUGE sigh*
last day of holidays n im supposed to enjoy to da maxx
bt wat did i end up doin instead?
here goes...
since i had ntg better to do so i decided to join them lorr
din even sleep da whole nite cuz of cousins sleeping over nt allowing me to go to bed n oso cuz was afraid dat might nt b able to wake up the nex morning
was morning called by jolise at bout 6.40 so woke up to bathe n change
was abt to walk there when my phone suddenly broke down so decided to folo mum since she's oso goin out anyway ==
reached jolise's hse n waited fer her to get down
she even wanted me to help her cross the road when it was practically empty at 7 in the morning ==
was told dat TAN PING SHUEN the 1 wif dis great idea of coming jogging n den goin for breakfast at mcd was still ASLEEP @#$%^&*
chee ho omost din wanna walk here alone n jolise was gonna go back up to continue sleeping n i had to walk all da way home by myself
bt me jolise n chee ho ended up walking along gurney drive n went fer breakfast at mcd after dat without ping shuen who ppk us ==
chee ho was telling me n jolise bout ghost stories when ping shuen suddenly texted jolise to apologise to us
being ppk is the 1 thing i HATE most
anyways, walked home together after breakfast
bathed n had lunch den walked to gurney again to meet up wif HUAN YIH for a movie marathon
went to A&W makan den watched KARATE KID n TOY STORY 3
i felt like i was in a freezer during both shows thx to myself fer 4getting to bring a jacket
as usual ==
neways, my damn phone is still out of order
damnit damnit samnit


Friday, June 18, 2010


okayy okayy
i kno i was kinda excited before bt nw i seriously regret goin man
had to wear a ridiculous dress juz for my tt prom nite aka SMART NITE
i bliv i reli do luk ridiculous like dis n i dont think i'll ever dress dis way ever again
neways, fetched jolise n went to E&O hotel together
we were like so FREAKED OUT cuz the 1st person w saw when we got there was out tt's most FAMOUS STAREMAN! standing rite at da entrance ==
waited for sylvia who was hving my ticket n claimed dat she'll be there earli zz
the whole nite was a blur n i was suddenly asked to go on stage for an eating competition
damn dat was embarrassing
got watermelon stuck all over my braces n watermelon juice all over my hair cuz we werent allowed to touch the watermelon
a local artist n a hong kong artist RON NG were even invited
sry i din kno who the local artist was bt i kno every1 was kinda crazy bout ron ng especially da gals LOL
watched ppl bz taking pics wif him on stage after everything ended while me jolise ping shuen n sian ho juz sat there doin ntg
went home at bout 11 changed n went back out again fer supper xDD
story of my life oways ends wif  SUPPER xPP


Friday, May 14, 2010

a day out (:

yeahh yeahh yeahh
i kno its da middle of exam n i kno im supposed to b at home studying
bt instead, i went to prangin fer lepak wif YAN
well...i didnt wanna goooo
i reli wanted to go home STUDY :P
bt she dragged me there
so i juz tagged along lorrr
went to mcd makan while waiting fer HUAN YIH to walk here frm his skul
went jalan jalan n met lotsa ppl frm my skul there
huan yih had to carry our stuffs while we enjoyed walking freely
poor poor huan yih xDD
he even had to line up fer me n sylvia in popular cuz there was a sale n da line was damn looooong LOL
bought a bookie ( forced by yan so dat she could get a 30% discount ) n oso 2 pilot mechanical pencils
went to mcd again after dat n huan yih treated us ice-creams (:
tho the ice-creams din reli taste like ice-cream

talk to da hand :P

"camera shy" yan


Saturday, May 1, 2010


WOW looks like every1's sweet 16 r so close to each otr
last week was chern's n dis week is xin wei aka jim pek's ( name given during chern's bday last week )
went out to gurney to celebrate it
there was me, mei chern, sylvia, yimei, aaron chew, gabriel, rubern ooi, huan yih 2 otr dudes whom i dunno their name ( sry ) n of cos da bday boyyyyyy JIM PEK!!
anyways, met up wif chern, yimei n aaron at food court once i reached gurney
den we went up to da cinema together to meet up wif the rest of em while oso waiting fer sylvia at da same time
unfortunately, dats when we had bad news
there were.t enough tickets fer the show IRON MAN 2
there were 9 of us n aaron oni bought 6 tickets
so me, yimei n sylvia ended up walking arond gurney fer 2 hours while the rest of em enjoyed their movie D:
we roamed arond COLD STORAGE n bought ourselves sum ice-cream
i 4got wat it was called bt it was seriously YUMMYLICIOUS
we oso walked arong da new wing where yimei had a walk in interview at echopark n we camwhored wif macbooks at switch
lucky thing we weren't shooed
met up wif the rest again at RED BOX after they were done wif their movie
sang our hearts out there
had an awesome time
tho i accidentally broke a glass *oops*
wast charged fer it tho *phewww*
da bday boy got xtra high wif lady gaga's songs so now his new name is


me n sylvia had to leave earli cuz we had tt at 7.30 D:
bt overall, we had a TOTALLY AWESOME time there =]
so imma wish

HAPPY SWEET 16 to our one n only JIM PEK GAGA!!!
hope u had a blast (:

oh yea
dis are the pics fer today (:


Saturday, April 24, 2010

HAPPY SWEET 16 to our one n only TOH MEI CHERN :D

1st time im celebrating sum1's SWEET 16 dis year
n honestly, we had a BLAST!!!! least i did LOL
okayy here's how it went

went to skul earli in da morning tho its a saturday ( replacement classes. totally hate em )
tho me n lana din enter class cuz we had sum ... i dunno wat dat took place in our skul dewan bestari
it was so damn BORING tho we got free food
i had to buy tonnes of candy during recess juz to keep me awake cuz i oredi fell asleep during the 1st half
worse thing is da speaker keeps asking me random questions which i dun hv answers to fer no reason
oh yea
angeline n mei chern were oso there bt we didnt get to sit together cuz we were supposed to mix around ==
we camwhored wif da apples we were given fer lunch afta dat

~skip dis part~
went home after skul fer an afternoon nap n oso a shower b4 goin to tanjung bungah hotle fer mei chern's bday party
n guess wat?
half an hour after i had my bath, im completely soaked in sea water  thx to CARMEN CHOO n REGINA SEE
went up to hotel room to bathe
had to take turns cuz there were so many of us tho there were 3 rooms
was planning to wear shorts n a tee fer da bbq
unfortunately, was forced to wear a dress borrowed frm carmen all cuz i wanted to please da bday gal n oso cuz was forced by SOME ppl
anyways, had a fun time bbq-ing tho i didnt exactly eat anything except a sausage dat i made benson heat up fer me
i was like "HOT IT UP! HOT IT UP!"
me n sylvia spent da nite walking around da beach wif gabriel, xin wei, huan yih n their frenz zhi yao n rubern
xin wei was acting soooooo gay n was running around da beach like a crab
so we decided to giv him da name JIM PEK
lmao xDD
~skip dis part~
i was waiting fer the time to get rid of the damn dress i was in
nt dat i hated it
i m juz nt used to wearing dresses lol
me, sylvia n the rest of the guys were pretty anti-social since we didnt kno any1 there
the guys didnt even stay over so me n sylvia were expecting to hv a boring time dat nite
fortunately, we were proven wrong
we got to kno sum interesting new frenz dat nite
we chit chatted thru out the nite n suddenly got hungry at bout 2am in the morning
so me, sylvia, steve, yimei n james got into benson's car n went all da way to gurney to get sum burgers as supper
~skip skip skip~
all of us were feeling kinda sleepy n loss our hyperness d by 4
so teik min, mei chern n shaun fell asleep on da bed while me, sylvia n benson slept on the floor n otrs outside on the sofas
was freezing down there so i ended up on the bed cuz mei chern n shaun woke up dyy
didnt even get a peaceful sleep cuz every1 started to wake up which eventually woke me up too
me, yimei, teik min, shaun, james n steve decided to go down fer a walk by da beach at bout 7 since we had ntg better to do b4 breakfast was available while sylvia n benson were still sleeping soundly in da room
the sunset was beautiful
n the wind was juz so cooling
i've seriously nvr experienced such nice environment since im nvr awake earli enough to even watch the sunrise
sylvia n benson joined us shortly after dat
ltr, me, sylvia, james, steven, teik min n benson went down to da restaurant fer breakfast
i dont normally take breakfast bt i was starving n my stomach was growling n emo-ing since last nite so i ate ate n ate
sylvia had to leave afta dat n mei chern n teik min oso had to go fer sunday skul leaving me, benson, yimei, james n steve
aaron n ronald suddenly appeared outta nowhere n were playing wif mine n yimei's psp
we camwhored a lil b4 i had to go home
oh yea
i oso tot dat i lost carmen's dress dat i borrowed da previous nite so me, benson n steve ended up looking all over fer it till i found out dat it was actually wif mei chern *phewww*
~skip dis part~
oni managed to hv bout 3 hours of beauty sleep b4 was woken up fer physics tt
story of my life

ps : pics are all on fb so there r oni words here haha xD