Thursday, November 18, 2010


saying hello once again after being away fer so long
so yeah im juz rotting at home n its oni the beginning of the holidays
wonder wats gonna happen to me by the end of it
will i even still be around?
makes me wonder
wat a mystery...yea rite...pfft! as if
gahhh..!! ignore my monologueing
anyways, all im trying to say is...
as if dats nt obvious enuf oredi
ya kno...i used to hv frenz whom i can trust
frenz i can share my deepest n darkest secret wif
frenz i can share all my joy n happiness wif
frenz dat i can juz hang out wif without actually doin anything bt it'll still be a special moment to us
frenz who accept me fer who i am tho they kno every single thing bout me no matter how nasty those things may be
frenz who can juz sit wif me in silence for hours n nt feel the boredom cuz we hv each otr's company n dats all we ever need
bt nw...all i hv is YOU
u may nt b able to b here fer me all the time
bt im satisfied juz knowing dat u tried yer best to do so
u may nt oways be successful in yer efforts to cheer me up
bt ur efforts itself oredi means a lot to me
u may nt oways understand wat im goin thru cuz u aint me
bt it pleases me to kno dat u've tried walking a mile in my shoes
n all i wanna say rite nw in case u dont oredi kno is

wat the...?!
okay i kno im being lame here
bt wtv the boredom im experiencing is driving me nuts i guess
ignore me

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