Saturday, April 24, 2010

HAPPY SWEET 16 to our one n only TOH MEI CHERN :D

1st time im celebrating sum1's SWEET 16 dis year
n honestly, we had a BLAST!!!! least i did LOL
okayy here's how it went

went to skul earli in da morning tho its a saturday ( replacement classes. totally hate em )
tho me n lana din enter class cuz we had sum ... i dunno wat dat took place in our skul dewan bestari
it was so damn BORING tho we got free food
i had to buy tonnes of candy during recess juz to keep me awake cuz i oredi fell asleep during the 1st half
worse thing is da speaker keeps asking me random questions which i dun hv answers to fer no reason
oh yea
angeline n mei chern were oso there bt we didnt get to sit together cuz we were supposed to mix around ==
we camwhored wif da apples we were given fer lunch afta dat

~skip dis part~
went home after skul fer an afternoon nap n oso a shower b4 goin to tanjung bungah hotle fer mei chern's bday party
n guess wat?
half an hour after i had my bath, im completely soaked in sea water  thx to CARMEN CHOO n REGINA SEE
went up to hotel room to bathe
had to take turns cuz there were so many of us tho there were 3 rooms
was planning to wear shorts n a tee fer da bbq
unfortunately, was forced to wear a dress borrowed frm carmen all cuz i wanted to please da bday gal n oso cuz was forced by SOME ppl
anyways, had a fun time bbq-ing tho i didnt exactly eat anything except a sausage dat i made benson heat up fer me
i was like "HOT IT UP! HOT IT UP!"
me n sylvia spent da nite walking around da beach wif gabriel, xin wei, huan yih n their frenz zhi yao n rubern
xin wei was acting soooooo gay n was running around da beach like a crab
so we decided to giv him da name JIM PEK
lmao xDD
~skip dis part~
i was waiting fer the time to get rid of the damn dress i was in
nt dat i hated it
i m juz nt used to wearing dresses lol
me, sylvia n the rest of the guys were pretty anti-social since we didnt kno any1 there
the guys didnt even stay over so me n sylvia were expecting to hv a boring time dat nite
fortunately, we were proven wrong
we got to kno sum interesting new frenz dat nite
we chit chatted thru out the nite n suddenly got hungry at bout 2am in the morning
so me, sylvia, steve, yimei n james got into benson's car n went all da way to gurney to get sum burgers as supper
~skip skip skip~
all of us were feeling kinda sleepy n loss our hyperness d by 4
so teik min, mei chern n shaun fell asleep on da bed while me, sylvia n benson slept on the floor n otrs outside on the sofas
was freezing down there so i ended up on the bed cuz mei chern n shaun woke up dyy
didnt even get a peaceful sleep cuz every1 started to wake up which eventually woke me up too
me, yimei, teik min, shaun, james n steve decided to go down fer a walk by da beach at bout 7 since we had ntg better to do b4 breakfast was available while sylvia n benson were still sleeping soundly in da room
the sunset was beautiful
n the wind was juz so cooling
i've seriously nvr experienced such nice environment since im nvr awake earli enough to even watch the sunrise
sylvia n benson joined us shortly after dat
ltr, me, sylvia, james, steven, teik min n benson went down to da restaurant fer breakfast
i dont normally take breakfast bt i was starving n my stomach was growling n emo-ing since last nite so i ate ate n ate
sylvia had to leave afta dat n mei chern n teik min oso had to go fer sunday skul leaving me, benson, yimei, james n steve
aaron n ronald suddenly appeared outta nowhere n were playing wif mine n yimei's psp
we camwhored a lil b4 i had to go home
oh yea
i oso tot dat i lost carmen's dress dat i borrowed da previous nite so me, benson n steve ended up looking all over fer it till i found out dat it was actually wif mei chern *phewww*
~skip dis part~
oni managed to hv bout 3 hours of beauty sleep b4 was woken up fer physics tt
story of my life

ps : pics are all on fb so there r oni words here haha xD


Friday, April 23, 2010

all fer CHERN D:

i cant even recall da last time i even wore a DRESS
n guess wat?!
im gonna wear one TOMORROW
its all fer da BIRTHDAY GAL


bt in order to wear one
i hafta actually hv one
so here i am asking around
wondering whether any kind-hearted person might b willing to loan me a dress fer a day
wish me lucks


Wednesday, April 21, 2010


dis post is specially dedicated to my one-n-only best PIC ( partner in crime ) NUR HIDAYAH ROSLIZAM
its been omost 2 weeks since i last saw u  =/
i knew u since last year when we were in da same class, 3Z
bt i nvr reli got to kno u till dis year when we we're both placed in da same class again
dis time, its 4D
tho its an effin class wif many suckish classmates, we managed to survive despite the fact dat we're da worst students in dat class n pobssibly the worst in da whole damn skul
bt nw dat ur gone....
u juz vanished without a trace within a weekend
how could u do dis to me??!!
leaving me alone to bear wif all these sick ppl
i miss the way ur oways telling me how silly i luk when im sitting in class dreaming away
how retarded i sound speaking malay wif my chinese accent
how stupid i am walking to class every morning wif my eyes closed
nt 4getting the way we bitch bout our crappy lives
n nw dat ur gone
i luk bhind me everyday to find an empty seat waiting fer u to come fill it up again D:


pls come back ):


Monday, April 12, 2010

a series of UNFORTUNATE events? LOL

seriously, can i even HATE anything MORE than my effin SKUL?
tha answer is obviously NO
like DUH!
lemme tel u y
juz when i tot dat imma b a gud gal today n go fer assembly
i even took of all 6 of my earings
n they made me buy a friggin name temporary name tag fer da price of RM1
yea i kno dat amount mite seem like ntg to sum ppl bt its A LOT to POOR ppl like ME
n dats nt the most fuckingly annoying part YET
i paid a 50 whole xtra cents juz 4 an effin signature frm an effin tcher
like why the hell would i even wan her friggin signature on a temporary name tag???!!!
i HATE her guts fgs!!!
and NO!!!!
dats nt da part dat pissed me off the most
da part dat pissed me freakin off the most is when i got the name tags i ordered rite after dat
i was like
i wasted 1 whole ringgit malaysia fer wat????!!!!
damn those arse holes i tel u
money is such a HUGE issue fer me nowadays
cuz im friggin BROKE! =="

damn dis effin thing which cost me my food fer recess =="

my new name taggie (:

ahh...the feeling of wearing a name tag afta 2 whole years  LOL
anyways, i dont rmb wat happened nex laaaaa......
damn my suckish memory =="
guess i'll edit my post when i finally rmb ( which will be...NEVER ) xDD

ps : sry fer my language in dis post cuz i was friggin pissed off. guess i should mind my language nex time :D


Sunday, April 11, 2010

walk for sight a.k.a race/push/step on otr's leg for sight =="

i seriously wonder when will i be free on a weekend =="
well...i woke up at 6.30 in da morning to participate wif da WALK FOR SIGHT event wif many of my otr skulmates
we had a crazeeeeee time bumping, pushing n oso struggling wif otr participants
oh ya~
there was oso a band frm SXI leading the walk
kinda fun tho i guess da members were pretty pissed of by da participants pushing them
pity them la...
muz march 3.8 km while playing their instruments while we were juz hving fun among ourselves

~skip dis part~

dis is da part date i DISLIKE most
me, yan n jin theng had like...more than 10 lucky draw tickets n wat did we get???!!!
1 lame voucher n it doesnt even belong to us =="
n guess wat??!!
si lang 


she practically rushed to da booth to collect her prize
n we were like wth??!!!

~skippie again~

after everything ended, me n yan had an awesome ride on jin theng's bike
1st time in my 16 years of life i sat on a bike
well...nt exactly da 1st da
2nd i guess
bt its been ages since my 1st time
if oni im allowed to get my own bike =/

anyways, went home fer my marathon nap as i hvn been sleeping in since like....
i oso dun rmb since when dyy
anyways, here i am nw blogging bout today
n dis is me signing off n goin out fer dinner SOON
so chaoz fer nw ppl
will try to keep u guys updated as much as i can xDD

so many lucky draw coupons
n oni 1 single envelope of gift D:

all the above ME (:

me + yan xDD

me + jin theng aka siao po xPP

all the above

all the above

mineeeee (:


Saturday, April 10, 2010


woke up so damn earli
even earlier than skul days
juz to go collect donation fer SALVATION ARMY
was supposed to go to air itam market wif chips n 4 otr clhs guys who were frm jaycees club bt since they were late so went to tanjung bungah market wif yan n xin dee aka mee peng instead
had a crazeee time there
were kinda competing against each otr in collecting donations
yan got an RM50 note which was sooooooooo UNFAIR while me n mee peng got at least 3 RM10 notes each
overall, it was quite a success n we had quite much fun dis year compared to last year when my tin was omost empty D:



hey hey hey ppl
imma tel u guys bout sum1 "interesting" in my tt
he's da one n oni...


every1 f4 student in my tt centre oredi knows abt HIM
seeeeeeeee......sipek FAMOUS i tel youuuuuuuuuu
the thing bout him is...
all he ever does is STARE it ppl
dats where he gets his nickname frm since no1 seems to kno his real name
n lemme tel u dis
he's seriously FREAKY
worse thing is....i hafta see him like EVERY single MONDAY, TUESDAY, and nt forgetting 5 FREAKIN LONG HOURS on THURSDAY
me no likey him =="
i mean...nt to be perasan or anything
nt as if im the oni 1 who notices dis
every1 else does too
i guess dats all fer nw bout our well-known STAREMAN
will keep u guys updated tho i aint reli dat keen in blogging bout HIM =/


the process of reviving my bloggie :P

heyy ppl
yea i kno my bloggie has been DEAD fer a veryyyyyyy LOOOOONG timeeeeeeee
so im juz trying to bring it back to life by altering sum of da dates of da posts to make it luk as is i've nvr stopped blogging
heh xPP
so here goes~

ps : pics will be added ASAP as in as soon as i hv d time since i honestly hvn been free AT ALL since like...i dont even rmb when =="


Friday, April 9, 2010


ello peeps...
me blogie is REVIVED afta AGES being DEAD
aiya ~
too bad i totally 4got dat i hafta chao fer tuition in like...10 minutes frm nw
so much so fer being back
chaoz fer nw


Sunday, April 4, 2010

a movie wif B-SMART peeps (:

dis is gonna b a SHORT post cuz 1st of all, i aint free n 2nd of all, there's ntg much to say
went to gurney n met up wif JOLISE
walked around n went to A&W to makan-makan while waiting fer SYLVIA n BIANCA to arrive
met lotsa B-SMART ppl while walking n jolise was like "eh, B-SMART ppl B-SMART ppl" to every teenager we saw =="

~skip dis part~

Bianca arrived 1st n we went looking at SHOES
den sylvia came n we went to 7th floor to meet up wif da rest of da B-SMART pupils


AWESOME show indeed
met ISABELLE n her sisters afta da show
went homie~