Friday, November 13, 2009

back to being a GUAI KIA. heh xP

back to skul afta skipping fer 2 days
frenz were complaining bout their backaches n stuff cuz of building sandcastles ytd  =.="
1st time i heard dat building sandcastles can cause so much pain
i've been hving fun building sandcastles since i was a kid n din hv dat much trouble
well...mayb im juz used to it xP
anyways, we had recess at 8.30 cuz there was sum kinda workshop bout chinese language n stuff
LURVE da earli recess bt DREAD da damn workshop
no offense bt it was plain boring since we oredi kno mandarin =.="
da speaker said we were supposed to b enjoying ourselves while learning at da same time
yeah rite
enjoy getting a sore ass got la
sit there so damn long =.="
me, jess n syl weren't even paying any attention to a single thing da lame ol uncle in front was talking bout =.="
jess n syl were bz wif their story books while i was enjoying syl's chocolates
yummy yummy yum yum xP

~skip dis part~

afta a while, we juz couldnt stand being in there any longer so we decided to cabut to syl's class
there was a sudden spotcheck cuz her class is like BLACKLISTED
i was like "huh? im nt even frm dis class."
bt da prefects still wont let me n jess outta there
so wth
let them check la
nt like they're gonna find anything ilegal on me
ima gud student
heh LMAO xP
they made us do sum stupid stuffs like touch ourselves ( gawd! i kno dat sounds so wrong )
they even made us jump up n down like idiots =.="
n dats nt da end of it
i was walking wif carmie n chatting wif her when i suddenly turned bhind n saw da 2 damn prefects following us
i kno they admire mebt do they reli hafta stalk???!!!
gahhh....annoying!!! =.="

( most of them bt nt all. sum r nice ppl. heh xP )


Thursday, November 12, 2009

poor me =X

ytd was a reli exhausting day
so i decided to giv myself a break 4 today  =)
stayed home da whole day sleeping cuz i skipped skul AGAIN
ordered sum food frm pizza hut fer dinner
felt as if i hvn had dinner 4 a very very looooong time
din hv dinner on monday n tuesday cuz of da sucky weather nowadays
oways start raining when i wan go out makan
wtf la
ytd oso din get a chance to hv a proper dinner
oni ate a lil =X
so i hafta catch up on my dinner today
ordered lotsa fooooooood
cant go out cuz of da damn rain ( as usual )
bt at least i managed to hv my dinner
heh xP


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

time to hv sum FUN! whee~

skipping skul today
i kno my frenz muz b hving fun wif their team building n stuff
bt nvm, i'll juz hafta find or create my own fun-filled day =)
which isnt very hard when u hv all da resources
heh xP
nt gonna elaborate much bout dis anymore
sry bt da day is juz toooooooo long fer me to blog bout n im feeling damn lazy lately =.="

among da things i did today
- skate n fell
- swam n sunbathed
- sang n danced like siao
- shop till drop
- partay hard
n lotsa otr super duper crazeeeeeeee stuffs xP


Monday, November 9, 2009


went to skul today
surprisingly, im being such a "guai kia"
picked a BEAUTIFUL hibiscus fer our science project
sry we had to "destroy" a lil' part of d environment bt it was reli "important" xP

~skip dis part~

there was u SPOTCHECK all of a sudden
all of us were like OMG!!! WTH??!!!
especially me since my whole bag was like full of illegal stuffs ( not gonna mention wat )
lucky fer us, the spotchecks were oni fer a few suspected classes
so we were safe since our class was 1 of da "good" classes


Saturday, November 7, 2009

jalan jalan. whee~

woke up at 11.30 today
n realised dat i was LATE!!!
i was supposed to b at qb by 12  =.="
i arrived fashionably late as usual
thx to SAM 4 fetching me frm gurney all da way to qb
i <3 u lots xP

went kia kia wif rica, lavania ( if i spelled it correctly ) n cynthia
den go watch movie
den kia kia again till parents came

went to ISLEE
met rica there again =.="
bought 3 pairs of shorts

went home den went to gp fer dinner
wif lawrence, rippie, celine, rinne, mandy n sheena
we gang of gals were getting into da elevator to get to da arcade which was on da 7th floor
den a guy suddenly rushed in pushing all of us
how RUDE!!!
our beloved rippie was gesturing to da guy fer him to go in 1st n said "gentlemen 1st"
all of us laughed our asses off when da guy felt PAISEH of his own actions
we <3 ya xP

camwhoring in BORDERS

camwhoring in ISLEE


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

sumthing copied frm rica's blog n pasted into mine xP

i found dis "interesting" part as i was reading rica's blogie
n i was to lazy to elaborate more in my blog so i juz copied frm her's n pasted into mine xP
im reli sry if u mind
i'll dlit it if u wan me to
juz let me kno kaes? =P

PS : the highlighted parts r wat i tot were "interesting" xP

Anyway, was afraid to bring illegal stuffs cause there was a spot check yesterday.

But still brought it anyway.

Kept our stuffs at Lana's locker and locked it up. Heh.

Before recess, we went to do some landscaping stuff.

We pulled out the weeds and painted the rocks with white paint.

Just to cheer up the school.

As usual, the rough Nic painted the rocks so roughly that our faces has paint all over.

Seriously, she was so enthusiastic and she even got paint on her nose.

Wasted i didnt manage to get a picture of it.

We ate before recess even started cause we, the smart students,

DECLARED our own recess. Heh.

After that we played poker until the real recess ended.

We were forced to go to Dewan after recess cause there's a speech.

About boring stuffs and body weight blah blah.

Anyway, Jessy laughed SO LOUD (as usual) and got us all into trouble.

We were forced to sit at seperate places by the teachers.

Ishhh. I had to sit at the back and i cant even see anything.

As soon as we seperated, Nic went to sleep.

Oh gawdd, you should really see her sleep.

First she sleep facing the ceiling then she slept on the table and then she finally decided to sleep on three chairs.

Yeah, THREE!

I wanted to sleep too but the teacher was so close to me and i'm easily spotted if i were to sleep.

So i waited and waited.

Looked at my nails, looked outside, looked at the students, looked at everything.


Quickly went a few seats in front and go to sleep.

Woke up when i heard "Sekian, terima kasih."

Heh. They asked questions and of course the ones sitting in front answered.

After everything is done, went back to class and took pictures of elephants.

Then school finally ended. Hehe

boring days afta PMR =.="

ntg much to blog bout today
juz another BORING day in skul =.="
most of my frenz were being "guai kias" in their respective classes while i was out ronda-ing n camwhoring all alone
poor me =X


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

low blood pressure day ==

skipped skul today ( as usual )
wasnt feeling well tho
had to go c a doc
n was told dat i had low blood pressure
wth is dat supposed to mean??? O.o

anyways, wateva...
went to gp afta dat
kinda empty till skul ends
dats when da ppl start coming n a place gets kinda crowded =.="

sooooo CUTE
me wan!!!