Saturday, May 1, 2010


WOW looks like every1's sweet 16 r so close to each otr
last week was chern's n dis week is xin wei aka jim pek's ( name given during chern's bday last week )
went out to gurney to celebrate it
there was me, mei chern, sylvia, yimei, aaron chew, gabriel, rubern ooi, huan yih 2 otr dudes whom i dunno their name ( sry ) n of cos da bday boyyyyyy JIM PEK!!
anyways, met up wif chern, yimei n aaron at food court once i reached gurney
den we went up to da cinema together to meet up wif the rest of em while oso waiting fer sylvia at da same time
unfortunately, dats when we had bad news
there were.t enough tickets fer the show IRON MAN 2
there were 9 of us n aaron oni bought 6 tickets
so me, yimei n sylvia ended up walking arond gurney fer 2 hours while the rest of em enjoyed their movie D:
we roamed arond COLD STORAGE n bought ourselves sum ice-cream
i 4got wat it was called bt it was seriously YUMMYLICIOUS
we oso walked arong da new wing where yimei had a walk in interview at echopark n we camwhored wif macbooks at switch
lucky thing we weren't shooed
met up wif the rest again at RED BOX after they were done wif their movie
sang our hearts out there
had an awesome time
tho i accidentally broke a glass *oops*
wast charged fer it tho *phewww*
da bday boy got xtra high wif lady gaga's songs so now his new name is


me n sylvia had to leave earli cuz we had tt at 7.30 D:
bt overall, we had a TOTALLY AWESOME time there =]
so imma wish

HAPPY SWEET 16 to our one n only JIM PEK GAGA!!!
hope u had a blast (:

oh yea
dis are the pics fer today (:



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