Saturday, April 24, 2010

HAPPY SWEET 16 to our one n only TOH MEI CHERN :D

1st time im celebrating sum1's SWEET 16 dis year
n honestly, we had a BLAST!!!! least i did LOL
okayy here's how it went

went to skul earli in da morning tho its a saturday ( replacement classes. totally hate em )
tho me n lana din enter class cuz we had sum ... i dunno wat dat took place in our skul dewan bestari
it was so damn BORING tho we got free food
i had to buy tonnes of candy during recess juz to keep me awake cuz i oredi fell asleep during the 1st half
worse thing is da speaker keeps asking me random questions which i dun hv answers to fer no reason
oh yea
angeline n mei chern were oso there bt we didnt get to sit together cuz we were supposed to mix around ==
we camwhored wif da apples we were given fer lunch afta dat

~skip dis part~
went home after skul fer an afternoon nap n oso a shower b4 goin to tanjung bungah hotle fer mei chern's bday party
n guess wat?
half an hour after i had my bath, im completely soaked in sea water  thx to CARMEN CHOO n REGINA SEE
went up to hotel room to bathe
had to take turns cuz there were so many of us tho there were 3 rooms
was planning to wear shorts n a tee fer da bbq
unfortunately, was forced to wear a dress borrowed frm carmen all cuz i wanted to please da bday gal n oso cuz was forced by SOME ppl
anyways, had a fun time bbq-ing tho i didnt exactly eat anything except a sausage dat i made benson heat up fer me
i was like "HOT IT UP! HOT IT UP!"
me n sylvia spent da nite walking around da beach wif gabriel, xin wei, huan yih n their frenz zhi yao n rubern
xin wei was acting soooooo gay n was running around da beach like a crab
so we decided to giv him da name JIM PEK
lmao xDD
~skip dis part~
i was waiting fer the time to get rid of the damn dress i was in
nt dat i hated it
i m juz nt used to wearing dresses lol
me, sylvia n the rest of the guys were pretty anti-social since we didnt kno any1 there
the guys didnt even stay over so me n sylvia were expecting to hv a boring time dat nite
fortunately, we were proven wrong
we got to kno sum interesting new frenz dat nite
we chit chatted thru out the nite n suddenly got hungry at bout 2am in the morning
so me, sylvia, steve, yimei n james got into benson's car n went all da way to gurney to get sum burgers as supper
~skip skip skip~
all of us were feeling kinda sleepy n loss our hyperness d by 4
so teik min, mei chern n shaun fell asleep on da bed while me, sylvia n benson slept on the floor n otrs outside on the sofas
was freezing down there so i ended up on the bed cuz mei chern n shaun woke up dyy
didnt even get a peaceful sleep cuz every1 started to wake up which eventually woke me up too
me, yimei, teik min, shaun, james n steve decided to go down fer a walk by da beach at bout 7 since we had ntg better to do b4 breakfast was available while sylvia n benson were still sleeping soundly in da room
the sunset was beautiful
n the wind was juz so cooling
i've seriously nvr experienced such nice environment since im nvr awake earli enough to even watch the sunrise
sylvia n benson joined us shortly after dat
ltr, me, sylvia, james, steven, teik min n benson went down to da restaurant fer breakfast
i dont normally take breakfast bt i was starving n my stomach was growling n emo-ing since last nite so i ate ate n ate
sylvia had to leave afta dat n mei chern n teik min oso had to go fer sunday skul leaving me, benson, yimei, james n steve
aaron n ronald suddenly appeared outta nowhere n were playing wif mine n yimei's psp
we camwhored a lil b4 i had to go home
oh yea
i oso tot dat i lost carmen's dress dat i borrowed da previous nite so me, benson n steve ended up looking all over fer it till i found out dat it was actually wif mei chern *phewww*
~skip dis part~
oni managed to hv bout 3 hours of beauty sleep b4 was woken up fer physics tt
story of my life

ps : pics are all on fb so there r oni words here haha xD